Education Projects

Outreach is an important part of Hevreh Ensemble’s mission. We owe our success to the amazing teachers who nurtured us and encouraged our musical development. We also recognize that not every child has access to the same educational opportunities we had and we strive to provide meaningful musical experiences for as many children as possible. We host residencies and master classes for students ranging from elementary school to college age.

Sessions for younger children may include short programs that encourage student engagement. We work with elementary and middle schools to develop interdisciplinary programs that incorporate dance and visual art.

Hevreh Ensemble can also work with high school and college educators to tailor programs to students’ areas of interest. Past programs have included workshops on composition, improvisation, chamber music performance, woodwind performance, and Native American flute.


The Hevreh Ensemble presented a Children's Concert for PS 199 in Brooklyn, made possible by a grant from Hofstra University & The D'Addario Foundation. Video by Bess Adler and edited by Kholood Eid.

The Hevreh Ensemble provided our students with the opportunity to see and experience the joy of making music and what it means to be a musician.
— Rosalia Bacarella, Principal, PS 199 (Brooklyn, NY)