Photo Synthesis


A few weeks ago my husband Paul DePaolo and I met with the sculptor Tim Prentice at his bucolic West Cornwall, CT studio.

We were preparing for a Fundraiser Concert to be held in his barn that is full of his wonderful art.

His dear wife Marie, had passed away recently and we were reticent to go ahead with the concert, but Tim, who is a great lover of music, asked that we play and said that our music would be greatly appreciated.

The day we met with Tim was a beautiful day in West Cornwall: sunny with a lovely breeze and it seemed as if every bird was singing- it made for a stunning composition. Paul & I were struck by how engaged Tim was with the moment and even though he was grieving, he seemed to embrace the beauty of the day. We had a wonderful conversation that included the artist David Colbert, who shares a studio with Tim, about art, music, our upcoming trip to Poland, the holocaust and our project with the photographer Loli Kantor

On the wall, was tacked up a copy of Chuck Close’s photomosaic work “Mona Lisa”. In a picture we took, the pixel block image of the Mona Lisa, translated by the camera's lens appears as a visible image. The pixelated effect disappeared  and we joked about this being a moment of “photo synthesis”.

After our conversation, Tim showed us the space in the barn where we would perform and he talked at length about where we could project a video that we were presenting with the photographer Loli Kantor’s work. He propped up the projector with a copy of his new book, “Drawing in the Air” and then most generously gave us a copy! We will treasure this book with its wonderful photographs of Tim’s kinetic sculptures that seem to dance in the air!


Judith Dansker