A Path of Light

Our new recording a Path of Light was released on May 24th by PARMA Recordings on the Ansonica Label. The album was produced by Ralph Farris (violist with the string quartet ETHEL) and engineered by Todd Carder, Bunker Studios- Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The CD includes several new works by composer and group member Jeff Adler: “Sweetgrass, Cedar and Sage,” “Hacked,” “A Thousand Questions,” “Epilogue,” “Wudeligv,” and “Sima de los Heusos.”

On the album, we are joined by several guest artists including the string quartet ETHEL, Naren Budhkar on tabla, Shane Shanahan (Silk Road Ensemble) on percussion and George Rush on double bass.

Recording is always challenging and difficult work. As performers we are accustomed to live performances and know that even in the best of circumstances mistakes or missed notes will occur. In the recording studio, the challenge is to try to be both spontaneous and musical while simultaneously generating note-perfect takes. The combined pressures to be both spontaneous and perfectly accurate can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming! All of the Hevreh group members agreed that even though this recording brought up all of the usual feelings, we all felt that the whole experience was made so much easier — and even contained moments of joy and a bit of hilarity — because of our wonderful colleague and producer Ralph Farris. He is an excellent musician with an incredible ear and an enormous amount of energy.

We were also fortunate to have the wonderful and talented photographer Bess Adler stop by (between assignments from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal) to document our recording sessions!