Path of Light reviews are here!

Our new album A Path of Light was released on the Ansonica Label by PARMA Records in May. We are excited and thrilled to read the reviews as they start to appear in online publications, blogs and in print publications. We are delighted to share some of the highlights!

“Hevreh Ensemble is very much a group of equals, each member integral to its harmonious sound and the seeming ease with which the music's oft-intricate charts are executed.” – Textura

“The ease with which the four seamlessly combine different elements in their performances is but one of the many things recommending the outfit. Adler's melodies sing on this recording, the group's follow-up to 2012's Between Worlds, and the music is consistently infectious. A Path of Light exemplifies small-group playing at its finest, with the four members, even if augmented by guests, presenting an uplifting ‘World Music' capable of global appeal. The album might have been recorded at a studio in Brooklyn, but its contents and message transcend borders.” - Textura   

path of light art work.jpg

beautiful tracks…crystalline formal clarity…of remarkable communicative immediacy” – Kathodik

“Adler moves perfectly between the worlds of contemporary writing, jazz and world music; the freshness of melodic inventions (sometimes truly captivating), dynamism and rhythmic mobility, the richness of timbre combinations” – Kathodik

“great musicality and sense of interplay” – Kathodik

“Four Stars!” - Kathodik

Enjoy! More to come to come soon!

Judith Dansker